Administrative Audits

As an employer, knowing which regulatory requirements you are responsible for being compliant with can be complex and confusing.

CS Consulting can provide an initial baseline evaluation of your company’s safety systems and culture.

The overall goal is to obtain an idea of the safety systems, recognize any requirement gaps and establish a working point from which would be used to start improving the safety systems.  The assessment is also performed to facilitate a means to gain a better understanding of the working environment and scope of work of Company.

In an Administrative Audit we:

  • Assess the development and implementation of the safety program.
  • Assess if your safety programs, policies and procedures are compliant with all applicable industry required topics.
  • Assess required safety trainings.  Review training matrix and determine if there is a system implemented to make up missed trainings.
  • Assess if Company is conducting hazard assessments.  Shop and field if applicable.
  • Review documented inspections (Fall Protection, Respiratory Protection, Vehicle and etc.)
  • Review required permits (Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout, JSA’s and etc.)

Once we have a baseline of your compliance risk assessment, you can choose from one of our three service levels:

  • Option 1:  We’ll create a prioritized corrective actions list for your personnel to implement.
  • Option 2:  CS Consulting will partner with you to get the corrective actions completed.
  • Option 3:  CS Consulting will complete all corrective actions.

The minimum and maximum OSHA penalties for workplace safety and health violation has increased by 7.7% for 2023.

The 2015 Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act mandates the annual adjustments.  It requires agencies to publish “catch-up” rules that adjust the level of civil monetary penalties and make subsequent annual adjustments for inflation.

This year’s jump represents the highest increase in maximum civil penalties since 2016.


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