Drone Services

At CS Consulting, we are committed to providing fast, thorough and innovative business solutions for companies in the world of oil and gas, construction, healthcare, manufacturing and more. One of our newest technological advances has been the use of drones

With drone technology, we assist with stockpile measurements, surveying, insurance inspections, bridge inspection, turbine inspections and so much more.  When recording volumes of stockpiles, we set a specific grid pattern, which takes pictures of the area where the stockpiles are located.  Then, our software system stitches the pictures together to make a map and from that map, we can get volume measurements of stockpiles, elevations, area and much more.


In the simplest terms, drones allow us to explore previously uncharted areas, resulting in safer, more efficient solutions to any of your professional needs.

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Types of Drone work

  • Inspections including:
    • Residential structure
    • Commercial structure
    • Agricultural (various)
    • Tower and fixed facility inspection (especially high-value and government)
    • Wind Turbine Inspections
    • Dam Inspections
    • Bridge Inspections
    • Power Line Inspections
    • Pipeline Inspections.
  • Mapping and highly detailed area imaging. Contour and elevation details. Volumetric details.
  • Imaging locations that are sensitive such as active rigs, government installations, etc.
  • Real estate and sales imaging.
  • Search and Rescue potential, especially with agency contacts and advanced software capabilities.
  • Cinematic footage (broadcasting News, commercials, etc.)
  • 3D Modeling
  • Isolated Well site Inspections

In the Future…

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Crop NDVI mapping with a Multispectral Camera