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Safety Training

  • Workplace Safety
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid Training
  • Hospital First Receiver Training

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The healthcare industry can be a hazardous place to work. From bloodborne pathogens to working surfaces; employees can be exposed to multiple hazards. Let CS Consulting take care of your required safety training today! We can custom fit the topics and curriculum to apply to the hazards found at your workplace.

CPR, AED, and First Aid Training

This course is taught using the guidelines of the American Heart Association or the National Safety Council and is a “must-have” for all employees. Whether you work in an office, in a shop, or out in the field, gaining the adequate knowledge to save a life is applicable in any situation.

The CPR/AED/First Aid course is an 6 hour course. As with any of our classes, we offer both open enrollment courses and we can conduct a class specifically for your company and employees. Please register by using our registration page or call us at 307-235-9112 for personalized help and any questions you may have. Each student will receive a course completion card from the American Heart Association or the National Safety Council and a free quality pocket mask.

Let us teach your healthcare professionals the American Heart Association’s BLS course. AHA’s BLS course is the foundation for medical professionals for saving lives after cardiac arrest. If needed, we focus on the actual equipment you have at your facility; including oxygen, AED’s, and bag valve masks.

Hospital First Receiver Training

In today’s world of domestic and global terrorism, local hospitals and other healthcare facilities are at an ever increasing risk. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has called for all healthcare facilities to include policies and procedures on dealing with mass casualty scenarios. This includes emergency procedures involving terrorist acts which could include the presence of hazardous materials. Every hospital has a right to refuse any patient that is or could be contaminated with a hazardous material. However, it is very difficult and rare to plan on refusing care to contaminated victims. The probability that injured and contaminated victims inundate the emergency room is great, no matter what the written policies and procedures of the hospital are. This is exactly why every hospital should provide effective training for all emergency room employees (first receivers). Every first receiver needs to be trained, at a minimum, to the Awareness level of HAZWOPER. Additionally, if the hospital plans to offer emergency decontamination or even handle potentially contaminated patients, those employees need to be trained to the Operations level of HAZWOPER (the next higher level). “OSHA BEST PRACTICES for HOSPITAL-BASED FIRST RECEIVERS OF VICTIMS from Mass Casualty Incidents Involving the Release of Hazardous Substances” provides the standards for how hospitals should prepare and train their first receivers.

What Can CS Consulting Do For Your Hospital?

CS Consulting can provide all your hospital consulting, training, and Hazardous Materials needs. Since JCAHO and OSHA require hazardous materials training for hospital first receivers it is crucial that you choose the most effective training possible. Here, at CS Consulting, we provide high quality first receiver training that is guaranteed to train each student to a level that will best allow them to handle a situation at their facility.

Our hospital training program has been developed and refined to create an atmosphere that is effective and challenging to every student. We believe that conducting extremely challenging and interesting training builds a solid foundation for every student. By providing quality & exhaustive training, students will be pushed to their maximum potential. Conducting hands-on training, involving situations that are more difficult than the “average” hazmat incident, will develop confidence and effectiveness. Our hospital training programs include three major areas of expertise (required for all hospital training programs): Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations, & hospital HEICS training.

We tailor the training that you need specifically for your facility. We understand that annual training requirements create a “burn-out” environment for employees. That is why we assure a dynamic and interactive training environment, in which employees learn but also have fun.

CS Consulting also provides different, new, & continually updated training to reduce the familiarization and “burn-out” of annual training/refreshers. Our hazmat training prepares your first receivers to properly handle multiple self referred contaminated victims as well as incoming contaminated ambulance units. Your first receivers can’t afford not to have this dynamic, fun, & challenging training.

Our hands on portion of the courses depend on specific facility needs and are relevant and specific to your facility. Our hands-on training consists of scenarios that challenge students mentally and physically. We strive to make each student comfortable to responding to large scale incidents and/or smaller and more complex incidents. We believe that our training pushes the class as a team in extreme situations. Thus resulting in a hazardous materials response team that is confident, efficient, and can quickly handle contaminated patients properly.

Awareness Level training

Our awareness level training includes a comprehensive approach to all the issues involved during a mass casualty incident involving hazardous materials. Although this level of training does not allow students to work with or handle patients, they will gain an intimate knowledge in the tasks and jobs that are critical to the command system. They will understand what is within their scope and they will also better understand how the whole operation and incident command system work. This class is designed for all first receivers in the Emergency Room or any first receiver who would be involved in any support or more involved roles during an incident.

Operations Level training

Our Operations level training is based around a three (3) day course schedule in which aspects such as hazardous materials, emergency response, the first receiver’s’ role in a mass casualty incident, and proper decontamination techniques. This is a very in depth look at how mass casualty incidents involving hazardous materials can be effectively controlled, managed, and stabilized. Our operations course allows every student to get many hours of quality hands on training. The first two days of the course are classroom lecture. Here tactics, hazard recognition, tactical objectives, and much more are taught and discussed. The third day is all hands on training. Students start the third day out with friendly competitions using props, and then it progresses to the last scenario of the day which consists of a full blown mass casualty incident. Due to a high probability that the next large mass casualty incident could contain a weapon of mass destruction, our Hospital Operations Level Course includes a very in depth look into terrorism, chemical and biological weapons, as well as nuclear hazards and dirty bombs. We guarantee proficiency beyond the average hazmat training they might have had before. You can’t afford not to have this type of training. Not only will your ER/Ambulance first receivers be comfortable to deal with any situation they encounter, but they will work more effectively and quicker as a team. Please call us to schedule your required Operations level training for Emergency Room first receivers.

Course Length: Hospital courses are custom built for each client. Please call for a quote today!
Price: Hospital courses are custom built for each client. Please call for a quote today!

Risk Management

  • Fire & Emergency Services Risk Management
  • Municipal Risk Management

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Fire & Emergency Services Risk Management

CS Consulting LLC offers comprehensive risk management solutions for fire and emergency service agencies that are looking to strengthen their safety culture, operations, and services. As financial impacts continue to effect fire and emergency service originations, risk management solutions are becoming a key element in reducing costs and maintaining a healthy working environment. CS Consulting’s risk management model is conducive to fire and emergency services by identifying and mitigating the elements of:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Financial Impact
  • Loss Control
  • Dysfunctional Leadership

While fire and emergency services manage life threatening issues on chaotic scenes, often risk management in their own organization is neglected. The risk management strategies applied through CS Consulting include a departmental or service audit that will provide a snapshot of where your organization currently stands with any or all of the following:

  • NFPA Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance
  • ISO Ratings

Having a starting point to identify what is needed is a foundational catalyst in enhancing and implementing a successful risk management plan. A properly implemented risk management plan can lay the foundation for organizations to operate in an efficient and effective framework, enabling progressive departmental growth and development while delivering high end services to their citizens and customers.

CS Consulting can provide and assist you in implementing a successful strategy, allowing your organization to focus on the future. Call for a consultation today.

Municipal Risk Management

CS Consulting offers a wide array of Risk Management services tailored to municipal and county organizations. With budgetary concerns growing, the need to reinvest and reinvent your organizations has never been higher. Through proven risk management systems, leadership principals, and accountability from the top down CS Consulting can assist your city, town or county take on new challenges and prevail.

Risk Managers have an increasingly difficult task while working with cities, towns or county organizations. Creating a culture of safety that ensures every employee understands how he or she affects the organizational goals is a very challenging position. Risk managers must build relationships and trust within the organization, maintain regulatory knowledge, understand human behavior and have a desire to ensure organization success. CS Consulting has the experience to assist any risk manager with these important tasks. We offer assistance with:

  • Establishing a safety culture
  • Establishing, maintaining and reviewing EMR goals
  • Utilizing safety discount programs
  • Leadership training
  • Employee safety training
  • Internal audits to track performance of programs and initiatives
  • OSHA compliance
  • Program and policy development
  • Hazard assessments with recommended corrective actions
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementing near miss or behavior based systems

OSHA, DOT, EPA and Other Safety Consulting

  • OSHA Compliance

OSHA, DOT, EPA and Other Safety Consulting


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CS Consulting also offers quality safety consulting services which will ensure your company’s compliance with local, state and federal regulations. We can help develop a compliant program from the ground up or help give a simple facelift for your current program. Whether you are subject to OSHA, DOT, EPA or other standards, we will work one-on-one with you to develop a specific and comprehensive safety program. This will not only make your working environment safer but will also increase efficiency and productivity and decrease expenses associated with a poor safety program.

Field Service

  • Hazard Assessments

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Hazard Assessments

The first step in creating a safer worksite for employees is identifying what hazards exist and determining what can be done to mitigate these hazards. Our consultants are trained to conduct onsite hazard assessments to identify as many OSHA violations as possible. When violations are identified, they are presented with the OSHA code that outlines legal expectations, as well as possible corrective actions or solutions. This method of presentation is designed to give you all the information you need to correct hazards to avoid OSHA citations should they inspect your worksite.

In addition to helping you meet your legal requirements, our consultants can also help you go beyond OSHA compliance. In addition to the OSHA violations shown in reports, we also will put in recommended changes. These topics bring up ways of making the workplace safer in situations where the law is met but safety could still be improved.

The report we create satisfies OSHA’s requirements for an assessment of worksite hazards and also for an assessment of what PPE can be used and should be used. The findings and recommendations for both assessments are put together to make one document that has all of the information you need to reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards.

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  • Rentals
  • Sales

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CS Consulting has a wide variety of safety and health equipment that can be rented to meet your specific needs. From breathing systems, gas monitors, and much more, we have a comprehensive rental fleet to meet your needs. Call today if you have any questions.





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