Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employees are exposed to a wide variety of hazards when working. OSHA has developed rules and guidelines to protect employees from these hazards. Ideally, businesses are supposed to try and eliminate, engineer out, or modify the hazard before any PPE is required. Unfortunately, it is very difficult and expensive to engineer out all hazards or create administrative controls to protect them.

That is when employees are expected to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). However, most employees are just handed a hardhat, pair of glasses, a few other pieces of PPE and told to work; without any training.

Employees must be trained in the capabilities, limitations, and maintenance requirements of each type of PPE that they are expected to use. Additionally, employees must know the specific hazards their PPE protects them from. Most of this is left out of most safety training (if covered at all).

CS Consulting has developed this custom PPE course to train your employees on everything they need to know to protect themselves while working, while also complying with OSHA training standards.

Our PPE training will cover the key hazards they are exposed to and why each piece of their PPE is required.

Course Content:

  • General Requirements
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Conducting PPE Hazard Assessments
  • Specific Requirements:
    • Eye & Face Protection
    • Head Protection
    • Foot Protection
    • Hand Protection

Course Length: 4 hrs

Who Needs This Class:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training is required for all employees who are expected to wear PPE during their normal work activities. This course will cover the requirements of the PPE standard and will also comply with the program requirements to give managers and supervisors the training they need to properly implement an effective PPE program.


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