Scheduled Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are essential and a great way for employers to communicate the company’s commitment to safety to employees.  They are the key to keeping your employees and customers safe and risk-free and to make sure that employees are familiar with the elements of the safety program.

Short, frequent safety training meetings will enable employees to learn their jobs properly, bring new ideas to the workplace, reinforce existing safety policies and save time and money you might likewise spend responding, investigating and mitigating workplace incidents.

Effective safety meetings ensure workers, managers and leadership stay safe, informed and aligned on current workplace priorities.  When in the workplace, people need to be informed about any risks and steps to take to avoid any pitfalls, illness, injury or death.  These meetings should provide open communication between employees and management of safety-related topics or concerns.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) expects companies to conduct safety meetings on a regular basis and is also a requirement for the Wyoming Workers Compensation Safety Discount Program.

Primary reasons for conducting safety meetings:

  • Avoid Complacency
  • Preventing Accidents
  • Evaluating Risk
  • Communicate Policies and Procedures
  • Review Accidents and Incidents
  • Ensure everyone has a voice in your safety program

Safety meetings are not the same as Toolbox Talks.  Toolbox Talks are short (5 to 10 minutes), informal and they typically cover a topic that is currently in the scope of work being performed that day.  Safety meetings are more formal and usually are longer.  They can be composed of interactive training, on-hand activities and a question-and-answer portion.

CS Consulting’s certified trainers and/or consultants can conduct your monthly/bi-monthly/annual safety meetings.  The meetings can be held at CS Consulting’s facility or wherever is convenient for you.

Please call CS Consulting at 307-235-9112 ext. 107 for more information and/or pricing.


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