Shop-Facility Hazard Assessments

Shop/Facility Hazard Assessments help prevent injuries and illnesses by identifying potential hazards and specifying how the risks will be addressed.  Hazard assessments help prevent injuries and illnesses by identifying potential hazards and specifying how the risks will be addressed.

Hazard assessments are required by federal safety regulations.

Failure to monitor workplace hazards and protect workers from injury or illness can lead to expensive fines.

Hazard assessments must be conducted regularly to make sure information on workplace risks is up to date.

After all, how do you keep workers safe if you don’t know the risks they face?  A workplace hazard assessment is a formal process to identify hazards so they can be addressed with administrative, engineering or work controls or through the use of personal protective equipment.

Items such as missing electrical outlet covers, missing/unlabeled electrical panels, guards missing from tools and machines, compressed gas cylinders not stored properly, rigging equipment that is damaged, and damaged fall protection equipment.  These are some of the items that will be looked at during the hazard assessment.  A report is generated based on the findings, which includes the specific OSHA violation as well as a suggested corrective action.

Conducting regular inspections is the key to ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.  Let our certified team give you the peace of mind you need by testing all your safety apparatus.

  • Monthly fire extinguisher inspections
  • Smoke alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • First aid kits
  • Respirators
  • Fall protection equipment

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